Sunday, May 3, 2015

High Pressure Sales Tactics of Religion

High-pressure sales guy. 
"Convert to __________ now. Hurry before it's too late!"

Why? Why on Earth would a god judge us for the conclusions we reach absent any tangible evidence? Having designed us, he's surely aware that we have no senses with which to detect his presence. So there's no way any of us can know for certain.

If it's all revealed when we die, why can't we just decide then? What's with the "hurry, act now!" mentality? Christians say our soul is eternal, so why would a fair God put an arbitrary deadline on our beliefs? It sure seems to me that an ethical god would let you in on the secret and give you time to make an informed choice.

From what I've seen of the scriptures, it's not there. There's several places in the Bible where salvation is described, and the interpretations are inconsistent.  Faith or Works is one of the key points of disagreement in the Christian faiths, contributing to the schism between Catholic and Protestant sects.  But none of the scriptures I've managed to find suggest you have to decide before you die.

So what is this approach and where did it come from? It sure seems to me like a classic high pressure sales trick. The offer (eternal bliss) might not last. You have to decide today before it's too late (you die). In reality, the offer will probably be there tomorrow too. They want the sale.

So why is there an arbitrary deadline being pushed here? Seems like the church really needs you to join up now. You're not much use to them once you're dead. The only relationship that has any sort of urgency is your relationship to the church. God is eternal. A few decades don't make a difference to him.

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