Friday, July 17, 2015

Ideas for an atheist billboard near the Ark Encounter

We need your inputs.

I'd like to see atheist (or maybe just rationalist) advertising near Ken Ham's monument to ignorance and genocide (A.K.A. "The Ark Encounter") but I'm not sure where to start or what the right message should be. Here are some ideas:

  • Did it rain in Antarctica?
  • How did all the marsupials get to Australia?
  • What did all the animals to to deserve death?
  • How many babies drowned in the "flood"?
    Good thing it never really happened.
There's more detailed arguments against it but they involve some math, which requires some thought that doesn't fit in the freeway-Billboard timeline.

My goal would be to plant some seeds of doubt in the minds of those attending. Other ideas are either more abrasive or more mathematical.

  • Does your God commit genocide?
  • Need to fact check this: Most Jews and Most Christians understand the Ark is a myth. (Optional: But most Muslims accept it as truth.)
  • Show a valid quote from a Pope stating that the Ark is a legend, "Even the pope admits it never happened"
  • Where did the food come from? Where did the poop go?
  • Fire code limits Ark Occupancy at X. That's only X/2 species.
Goals of such a sign:

  • Raise awareness that lots of people think this is absurd
  • Advertise an atheist / secular / skeptical event (leverage media coverage as advertising)
  • Plant a seed of doubt in the indoctrinated
  • What else could we accomplish? Not gonna convert anyone.

In any case, I think a WAG for such a billboard is about $5k. Not sure if that includes the design or not. Please share this article if you'd support the idea. And share your thoughts in the comments section below or via tweet to @AtheistEngineer.

Edits and Updates:
  • If at first you don't succeed …
    Drown everything and try again [link]
  • "Would a loving and all-powerful god REALLY annihilate all of humanity on the planet for the purpose of a do-over?" [link]
  • We don't celebrate death (images of Ark, Abraham/Isaac, Passover, and Jesus).
    Atheists are better without gods.
    Meet-up / event information.
  • Ark Encounter: Were the only evidence necessary is proof of admission. [link]
  • "Ark Encounter": Science-free zone ahead [link]
  • "Ark Encounter": Proven wrong by geology, archaeology, genetics, and common sense
  • If you think Noah and his family cared for millions of animals, you've quite obviously never kept a horse.... [link]
  • Rear view: God carrying set of golf clubs walking toward the "19th hole" caption reads: Noah's Ark: God's Mulligan [link]
  • Noah's Ark: Why would you want to spend eternity with the worst mass murderer in "history"?  [link]
  • @AtheistBigfoot: @AtheistEngineer The passage should be "Others will know this BS is crazy, but not you. You're gullible" 
  • @wildy412: @AtheistEngineer want to drop out of school, stop thinking for yourself? Visit the Ark, where stupidity welcomes you.

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