Monday, March 2, 2015

Update on AiG's Frivolous Lawsuit

A Couple weeks ago, I posted a blog entry criticizing Answers in Genesis for filing a frivolous lawsuit in response to the Commonwealth of Kentucky denying their request for special Christian privileges. In short, AiG asserts they are entitled to special tax incentives for their first ever theme park to celebrate an act of mass-genocide (The Ark Encounter), despite the fact that as a bigoted religious organization, they intend to discriminate in employment based on religion, sex, and sexuality.

The intellectual dishonesty of AiG just pisses me off. It's one thing to have crazy religious beliefs. It's fine to build a theme park to genocide if that's what your horrific "god" demands of you. But to misrepresent the facts and accuse the state of "religious discrimination" is appalling. In a video released by the organization, Lawyer Mike Johnson, says, “Religious groups, ideas, and organizations can’t be treated with hostility by the government." Apparently, it's "hostility" to deny tax incentives to organizations that intend to discriminate?! This is Christian privilege and persecution complex at its finest.

Despite AiG's stated intention of serving only a select group of ignorant Christian conservatives within the Commonwealth of Kentucky, AiG apparently believes that Kentucky taxpayers should foot the bill for their theme-park-celebration-of-death. Just take a look at the artwork on their announcement page (right). It's a guy behind bars! As if to suggest that the "religious discrimination against Christians" is Kentucky is rounding up and arresting Christians?! The trumped-up persecution complex is just astonishing. How can anyone take this organization seriously?  It's not religious discrimination to reject your tax break when your organization plans to discriminate!

Tax breaks are for organizations that better the whole community, which AiG decidedly does not. Sorry AiG, but if you want the tax incentives, you'll need to serve everyone. Not just the heterosexuals; not just the protestant Christians. You'll have to hire and admit the the following groups of people to your theme-park-of-destruction:

  • Gays
  • Fornicators
  • Catholics
  • Jews
  • Muslims
  • Apostates
  • Mormons
  • even … Atheists (!!!)

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