Friday, June 26, 2015

In 50 years, Most Conservative Christian Churches will Disown their Unethical Stance of 2015

Time and time again throughout American history, conservative churches have stood on the side of barbaric biblical practices. These examples span a broad range of time and geography:
  • Witch burnings in Salem, MA (Exodus 22:18 "thou shalt not suffer a witch to live")
  • an extensive and well reasoned (biblically) defense of slavery 
  • Opposition to civil rights
  • Opposition to interracial marriage.
And most recently,
  • Opposition to Same Sex marriage.
For all but the most recent, support from churches in modern day America is unthinkable.  There may be a few, but they are seen as more radical and fringe than Westborough Baptist. 

I take great pleasure in the knowledge that like all these past immoral acts on behalf of a "God", in about 50 years, nearly all these churches will disown their former positions and claim they always supported equality. 

I derive a certain amount of glee from the knowledge that some day in the near future, their own religions will turn their back on conservative Christian leaders of today and pretend they didn't exist. 

Congratulations, America. 

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